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Servicemen fix up BMW R1150RS

A group of military personnel have restored an abandoned BMW R1150RS in the hope of raising almost £4000 for the Combat Stress charity.

The group form part of 6 Regiment of the Royal Logistics Corps and got the machine from a local farmer, who donated it to them having left it in a barn for six years.

“We collected the bike in May and began working on it after work,” Army Chaplain, Chris Withers, told MCN. “The greatest benefit was spending quality time with each other on a shared project.”

Chris spearheaded the project with colleague Rob Marshall. They were then joined by enthusiasts with varied degrees of mechanical knowledge – all members of a local bike club. Around £800 was spent on the refurbishment work.

The finished bike ready to be sold

Chris said: “It has given us the bug for doing some more projects with a similar goal to raise funds for military charities. They have taken a big knock during lockdown yet continue to do such incredible work for men and women to whom we owe a great deal.

“The bike stood unused for around six years. The farmer was especially keen that we get it up and running and use it as we please.”

Following discussions, it was decided that the finished boxer posed a great opportunity to raise some money for Combat Stress – who support veterans struggling with their mental health.

The bike was stripped down, cleaned, degreased and serviced with fresh fluids. But it was a bit of a challenge, as Chris explains: “One we hadn’t experienced before was bleeding the ABS. Normally you may have two or three bleed screws however this bike has nine. Big thanks to YouTube on that one!”