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Knaus Deseo Transport

We bought our Knaus Deseo Transport plus in 2017 it was a 2015 with wild blue graphics, and we loved it. We found it easy to tow and we could get it in our back garden. We also liked that the interior did not look like Grans palour.

Our Deseo was plated at 1800 kg so we never had any payload issuses even with my Yamaha tracer 900 onboard.

The reason we sold it was being 70 we found it difficult to manouver on site. The last time we used it I did my self an injury an had to wait 7 months for an operation to put it right.  We though we would be better off with a motorhome, mistake! It was a Chasson – a pile of crap on a rubbish Ford Transit. (Bought brand new from Tyne Valley Motorhomes whose after sales are abysmal).

If we knew more about motor movers we would still have our Knaus Deseo. We were told by a local engineer that it could not be done as it had no battery or charging system, we now know that means he didn’t know how to do it.

We would prefer  a MTPLM of 1800kg but 1500kg would be OK.

So if you have a Knaus Deseo Transport for sale or are thinking of trading in your Knaus Deseo Transport please give us a ring Eric. 0784 291 0303.